Stella Marina

Imagine a beach elegant, with a touch of refined and exotic, with everything else that your imagination can ask for with regard to relaxation, sports and deep well-being. It's not a dream, it is reality! This is the most beautiful beach on the request of the Catholic, where everything that you want about an experience at the sea, rich, and amazing is already in front of your eyes.

We talk about an environment completely inspired by tones of white, pleasant and well cared for, where the sense of naturalness and freshness is confirmed by the pools, the whirlpools and waterfalls cervical made even more pleasant by the solar heating. We talk about 80 square meters of water surface with one metre and twenty deep!

The relaxation is not the only protagonist of this wonderful reality seaside: the rich are the occasions to keep in shape and practice many sports, from the most active to those that are more static: the fields from beach volley, basketball, beach soccer, ping-pong table await you!

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