San Giusto, hotel 2 stars in Cattolica

L’hotel San Giusto is a hotel of two-star hotel in Cattolica, where you will feel welcomed and pampered.

You will find the typical hospitality of romagna, the most cordial and sincere. That type of reception they have made good things, likegreat food and service caring for families with children.

We like to offer that kind of “welcome” that offers smiles authentic, infuse that positivity that you will feel immediately upon your arrival. The mood here is unconditional! For us to host you, is something really precious and that is part of our deepest tradition.

L’hotel San Giusto has a position which, we are sure, you will like it. It is located close to the sea! In few steps you will reach the plant more beautiful and rich of the whole of our town, with whom we are affiliated: the Bagni Stella Marina!

Our hotel is close to our beautiful beach, but it is not the only point of the value of its position. It is located in a quiet and peaceful area, nice and shaded. You'll find it in a parallel street of via Matteotti, and those who know the Catholic knows that it is one of the main streets of the tourist cattolichina. The hotel is very close to the most central and lively of the city, but, at the same time remains a secluded and quiet: the via Oberdan.

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Early August in Cattolica, impossible to miss!
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September offer: say goodbye to summer with us
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Hotel in Cattolica near the center

The location of theHotel San Giusto also love it for another reason: it is close to the historical centre! Walking through the streets of the city centre, you can experience and discover the true essence of the Cattolica, and looking at it with the eyes of the people who live here all year round.

We are sure that you will identify the traits fascinating and unusual that you will fall in love with even more of the real “queen of the Adriatic”!

In short, the Hotel San Giusto is perfect for those who love the hospitality, nice and simple: we are a two star hotel full of services and a great desire to make your holiday special and unforgettable!

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