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Restaurant with Traditional Cuisine

What is better, in vacation, of the delights typical of the true and unique cuisine of romagna?
We think of our land and its typical: few frills, tastes real, never artifacts, genuine flavours, dishes with a soul. The raw materials are excellent, that you are enhancing them without too much processing, trying to maintain their identity.


A kitchen that never disappoints! There are two main ingredients on which we can rely in order to surprise your palate: the fish of the sea and the meat, the vegetables, and the products of our hinterland.

We are fortunate to be able to rely on the delicious taste and the wholesomeness of our fish directly from the Adriatic sea with his beloved aromas and traditional recipes! And then, the protagonist of our recipes, even the meat, it comes in a variety of facets to make everyone happy and pamper you with the most treats possible.

The beautiful thing? That every day you can choose from a menu of fish or meat! On a daily basis, in fact, have served two full proposals (first and second) of the sea or of the earth. Every day you can rely to your desires, and choose to let yourself be guided by your personal taste!

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner

But it's not over here! Every day at lunch and dinner, you can count on abundant buffet of cooked and raw vegetables of any kind! The health corner is served with imagination and lots and lots of variety. Last but not least: the desserts are served buffet-style for a load of sweetness and goodies at the end of the meal!

The buffet is also the protagonist of the morning: the breakfast is a moment of greedy and rich will allow you to start the day in the best way and satisfying as possible.

Color, flavor, so much variety in our menu and a lot of... plenty! For us it will not be a problem enjoy an encore of your favorite dish. The cuddle at the table is a luxury that we like to indulge in, to read in your eyes the more real satisfaction!

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