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The Hotel has an agreement with the Aquarium of Cattolica

The catholic has a rare pearl, is famous all over Italy: l’Aquarium of Cattolica is something simply amazing for us adults and especially our children. It is a deep dive into the real life of many aquatic species , we are sure, will remain forever in the memory of those who visit the park.

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Can you imagine the excitement of your child while peering directly into the eyes of a shark? Or while interacting with the stingrays playful and mischievous? At the disposal of the wonder of your eyes a hundred tanks, three thousand animals and four hundred species of animals different from contemplate and to love!

Really it is a window exciting on a distant world and exciting, not only because it shows us the animals, and the reality of maybe never seen or known, but because its thematic paths also allow us to travel in time. The blue route, for example, is a real journey in the evolution of the animal species. The yellow path instead is a brief overview of the life of the water, with the funny otters and asian the baby crocodiles. So small, do not seem really so dangerous, indeed, they are fantastic!

The green path is dedicated to reptiles, chameleons, insects, and amphibians , and, last but not least, we have the purple path, the one that is most exciting. The purple path is dedicated to the world of sharks, with representations of real and interactive, to be touched with the hand.

Ask for information: is it even possible to attend the meal, penguins, otters, rays and...sharks! Depending on your needs and the needs of the animals, it is also possible to see the games.

We will be very happy to organize your visit to the Aquarium of Cattolica. We have an agreement with them, and you will receive preferential conditions! The marine world and aquatic Cattolica is waiting for you!

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