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Beautiful, elegant, pleasant, quiet: the queen of the Adriatic is truly Catholic!

What to see in Cattolica

Catholic is a destination for those who love the liveliness of the coast of emilia-romagna in a dimension that is intimate and quiet. Is the seaside town perfect for families with children because safe.

We think of the beach: the sea is protected by reefs and the gradients of the water for the bath of our children are never obvious. Everything, even the sea seems to be designed for a family atmosphere and relaxed, without giving up events, evenings and entertainment that every year, color our city.

The most beautiful area of the Catholic is the one in which it is located l’Hotel San Giusto: we are very close to the heart of the city, the area of the square on the First of May and the beautiful and unmistakable fountain of the sirens.

This is the district with the most elegant shops, half way between the port, which is located in the south, and l’Aquarium of Cattolica , which is to the north. In short, a beautiful location and functional, close to the beach and all points of interest.

The catholic has a heart and soul very fascinating: the seafaring tradition is still alive in the ancient customs, recipes and typical dishes, in the shape of boats and vessels. To get an idea of how the population cattolichina is always linked to the sea, just visit the naval section of the museum of the Queen, also just a short walk from the hotel San Giusto.

Another object of extremely important value for the Catholic, that we can not forget, is the wonderful Theatre of the Queen. Each year offers a calendar of events of great prestige: dance, operetta, poetry, prose...and in the summer it transforms into large open-air Arena, hosting concerts and events starring international artists of great stature.

To the Catholic it is easy to reach the castles and the magical towns of our hinterland, especially in the summer, it gives life to historical re-enactments, from the indescribable charm. Gradara, Mondaino, Montescudo, San Leo, Saludecio , and many other points of interest, cultural and food and wine await you!

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