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Rooms are comfortable and welcoming

Our rooms are comfortable and pleasant. Sum up very well our model of hospitality: simple and essential, grant all type of amenities useful to better enjoy your holiday.

First of all, we believe it is fundamental to adapt our rooms to accommodate, in its specificity, the composition of your family. Each member of the family must sleep with a suitable accommodation. A practical example? We can provide cots for the little ones and side impact protection for children older children.

Rooms suitable for children

To them, to your children, there is a dedicated feature is much loved by all our small and important guests! Our LCD tv in every room, CD and DVD player built in. Imagine that nice bring holiday to your favourite songs, and cartoons the most loved! The habits of the house can be lived in also Catholic and we are sure that some kids will be happy to keep a small part of their reassuring routine even on vacation.

We point out also another important pillar for the reception in our hotel: the cleaning. We keep a lot of this side of your experience and we know that is the absolute most important feature for a quality stay. A clean room is synonymous of true wellness!

Another service that we like to notify, in our rooms, free free wireless for your device. There is, in fact, in all areas of the hotel, the service wi-fi to be always connected to your friends or relatives at home. Exchange of photos and experiences via social network will be more simple and immediate in the rooms of the hotel San Giusto.

Those who know us know this already, if you have never been here I can already imagine: thehotel San Giusto is a budget hotel as a two star, but taken care of all the details as one of the top category.

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