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Animation on the Beach of Cattolica

Animation for children and boys

The animation is synonymous with great fun, especially if the team in charge is a team of trained professionals.

The children will be involved in games, tournaments, shows suitable for their age. To the factory, Stella Marina, in fact, there is the baby club for small children and junior club for older children. All are unleashed at the moment of the baby dance!

All our little friends love to participate in tournaments or the many creative activities organized by the beach, Stella Marina.

But the animation is not valuable, and fun for the kids! Even the adults will be able to participate in Latin dance classes, smooth, or enjoy the evening entertainment. The beach, Stella Marina offers the comfort and amenities of a true mediterranean resort, where you can choose, each day, an active holiday, and the unpredictable or the most complete and deep relaxation.

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