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Free trip for those holidaying in the train

Reach Cattolica by train, and enjoy the vacation without any thought about the car, it has amazing benefits!

To the sea by train

Yes, because if you confirm a stay in half board or full board in a hotel in Cattolica, you can also avail for season 2017 for a special convention.

The promotion is called “Al mare in treno” and is really advantageous! In practice, thanks to it, you will be refunded for the ticket to reach a Catholic with a booking of one week.

And if your holiday lasts for two weeks, the Trenitalia ticket is refunded, both for the outward and for the return!

Theamount payable for the stay of a week of vacation is equal to € 25,00 per person (hotels 1 and 2 star) for the ticket. For two weeks of stay will be refunded for the return ticket up to a maximum of € 50,00 per person (hotels 1 and 2 star).

The refund will be made directly by the proprietor at the time of the balance of the account upon presentation by the customer of the ticket Trenitalia used.Are interested by the offer to travel in the 2nd class up to the Catholic, and even for travel solutions combined with Regional trains, Intercity, Frecciabianca or Frecciarossa trains. The trains should originate from a location of the Italian territory.

Arriving at the station of Cattolica, you can take advantage of another special convention for the taxi service: exhibiting the train ticket and telling the taxi driver the name of our hotel, you will pay only € 8,00 per taxi for a maximum of 4 people. What are you waiting for? Come to the sea has never been so convenient and affordable!

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